Why do I never get sick?

It’s called Kombucha.

I used to get sick at least once every winter. A nasty cold that just wouldn’t go. And with my hectic lifestyle, travelling, flying, jet setting, it seemed like I would get sick with the sniffles or a bad cold after nearly every trip…and certainly whenever I would get run down.

I was out visiting with a friend in California–isn’t it funny how all these “wacky” trends start in the Golden State–and was complaining about getting sick all the time. He told me a story of an office party his company held recently where it was catered by a food truck. The entire office got food poisoning. Really bad. Except there were 6 people who did not. The common thread? Every single one of them drank kombucha every day.

I thought I would give it a try. After all, what did I have to lose?

I found that I rather liked the taste. I tried them all, and found that I liked a small number of brands more than others for two reasons in particular. One, the taste. Two, they were the brands that had the lowest levels of residual sugar.

My three go-to brands are “Health-Ade”, “Wild Tonic” and “Brew Dr”. Of these, Wild Tonic is my favourite, for the clean flavour and because it is made with honey instead of sugar, and for their iconic blue bottles.

I also started making my own, and this is both a source of joy and regular supply. I too now drink kombucha every day.

What have I learned about how to drink it?

I drink it first thing in the morning, before eating anything. Sometimes before, sometimes after my morning coffee or tea. This matters. Apparently drinking Kombucha well before a meal (at least an hour) is going to help you with weight loss. Drinking it with a meal is going to potentially encourage you to eat more and result in weight gain. I have definitely lost weight.

I noticed some other things too. First, and most importantly, I haven’t been sick a single time in the 5 years I have been drinking it. Not once. Not once. Not even a little bit. Not even when I am tired and run down.

I also feel a lot better. My body feels healthier. Kombucha builds and strengthens your gut biome, and the key to good health is a strong and vibrant community of gut bacteria. Kombucha helps this in spades.

I won’t over analyse this, but kombucha has definitely changed my life. No understatement. Not being sick, ever, is truly life changing. Take control of your life, get fit, and make kombucha one part of your arsenal.

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