The links below are to sites which I consider to be exemplary for what they do and represent. Feel free to let me of others you think I have missed. The selections reflect my own tastes and predilections.


The Submissive Guide
A website filled with helpful information to help a submissive find her/him-self

Silken Claws
A Domme’s Thoughts on BDSM, Lifestyle Femdom, and Everything Else

Bad Girls Bible
Learn how to be submissive and have kinkier sex

The Cage
A website dedicated to helping you meet people in the BDSM community

Thought of as the “Facebook” for the kink community, a way to meet people and learn

Femme-Domme Chronicles
Blog of an Australian Domme with tons of resources and insights.

Sexual Politics and Femdom

De-gendering fashion is an anti-violence imperative

Award-winning Canadian political e-zine. Particularly good coverage on trans issues.

Femdom 101
Musings on life and D/s from a Femdom couple

Keeping it Kinky
A Guide to BDSM and alternative sex by mistress Kashiko

Writer and kinkster on all things Femdom and chastity

Rika’s Lair
Thoughtful musings on D/s from a lifestyle Domme

Blogs of Note

The Kinky World of Vile
A NSFW exploration of the world of D/s and BDSM

Become Her Slave
A wonderful romp into the world of FLR

Blanche Black
Female Leadership of Men and Society

True Domme
A dominant woman’s discovery of the irrelevance of men

Submissive Male
A wonderful blog from a submissive male into FLR

The Femdom Art of Sardax, illustrator of fantasy

Live your freest you.