Morning or Evening Workouts?

I’m a fitness bunny.  That means I work out at least once every single day.  “Rest” days are not so much rest as stretching.  But I put on my workout gear and make an effort to give an at least an hour to fitness each day.

Some days the schedule interferes and my normal morning routine of starting the day with a fitness routine is thrown off.  I began to wonder whether there was any difference in working out in the am or pm.

Here is what I learned.

If you work out in the morning, you are more likely to help yourself lose weight.  This is a by-product of improved blood-sugar metabolism throughout the day as a result of the exercise.  Another consequence of a morning workout is improved alertness and cognitive function.

Pretty good, eh?  The key to all of these benefits is to do the exercise BEFORE you eat anything.  With these wins, you’d wonder why anyone would work out in the evening.  But people do, and here are the benefits of an evening workout.

Evening workouts are more efficient.  You expend less energy to achieve the same thing, so your performance level will be higher.  This is good if your goal is to build stamina, strength, or speed.  Elite athletes will typically deliberately train in the evenings for just this reason.

Another major benefit is that exercise is the antidote to our stressful lifestyles.  People work out to kill the day’s stresses.  While this is true, it can also key you up and make it hard to sleep, so do your workouts at least an hour before wind down time.

Whether morning or evening, the most important thing of all is to get moving, and to do your workouts. 

My Domme is also a real fitness bunny.  It is encouraging to see how much time she spends in the gym.  I know that at least one of her subs does extra workouts in exchange for pictures she sends him of herself post-workout, in sweaty workout gear.  Whatever it takes people.  Get fit.  Who says D/s doesn’t make us all better people?!

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