The Farce of 3 Meals a Day

Do you want to lose weight and feel better in your body?  Then stop eating three meals a day, stop snacking, and eat one, good, meal each day.


I have lost 35 pounds with no other significant changes in my routine, other than by getting all of my calories from one meal.  I eat a balanced meal, I don’t totally eschew carbs, but do focus on getting my nutrition needs met from protein and fats…and have started eating more fruit and vegetable as part of it.

In my case, this meal is a very late breakfast.  That may not be practical for everyone, and in truth, you can make this one meal at any time.  Eating a big meal before going to sleep, however, is not a good idea.

I do exercise in the mornings, and do so on an empty stomach, fuelled only by my daily coffee.

“Death begins in the colon,” Mayo Clinic.

What are some of the other side effects or consequences that I have found by cutting down to one meal each day?

My system is way more flushed.  I poop in a satisfying way with regularity.  Usually some time after that coffee kicks in and before I begin exercise.  I then typically will poop again after exercise—a smaller quantity.  Almost always, inspired by constant water-drinking throughout the day, I will poop one last time in the late afternoon or early evening.

In other words, my colon is flushed.  I feel lighter and cleaner, and everything about my body feels tighter and better put together.  It’s hard to explain, other than I just feel good.

The things that I like and crave have changed too.  Sweets and alcohol.  If I eat a slice of bread or anything with sugar in it, I get an immediate and uncomfortable sugar high.  I have lost the taste for sweet things.  I have also lost the taste of drinking alcohol, either with or without food.

Yes, I will break this regimen from time to time, on special occasions, out with friends, visiting family, whatever.  And I do love a good plate of pasta or a pizza as much as the next person.  No problem.  Enjoy.  It is easy to get back into equilibrium by fasting for a day or two.

You will realise that most of what you used to eat was waste.  Your body will become much better at processing and extracting the nutrients from food.

It takes a few days to get used to switching to one meal a day as your body unlearns the habits it has.  But then you will find you are not getting hungry in the off-times anymore, and that your energy levels increase, as does your productivity.

Try it for 30 days, and let me know if you don’t notice a huge difference.

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