How the clothing we wear puts us in the right mindset for exercise

And why Mistress suggested that my workout gear should include diapers

You can’t go about suburban or urban life anymore without encountering masses of people wearing exercise gear, whether they are working out or not.  Especially in the line at Starbucks!

A whole new clothing category has been created around fitness and wellness gear, but particularly clothes that look good.

Leggings especially, but pretty much all of lululemon’s stuff just looks great on.  If buying such beautiful gear makes you feel good about your body and makes you want to work out, then go for it.

I kind of wonder, though, about how many people put workout gear on and don’t actually work out.  Probably quite a few.  At least, that’s what it looks like when you are in the Starbucks line and obviously haven’t been sweating.  Are you really going to go work out after your triple caramel latte made with oat milk?  Probably not.

Does this mean that exercise gear, as sexy and revealing as it is, has entered the mainstream wardrobe?  You don’t need to exercise anymore to wear it?  I guess it probably does.  And if it makes you feel hot, then why not?  We all know that clothes are powerful tools in our armoury of wellness—they can have a profound affect on how we feel, in our bodies, about ourselves.  If workout gear makes us not only feel sexy, but also fit, then more power for it.  Feeling fit means taking pride in the work we’ve put in to get to that point.  Maybe the treat for all of that is wearing the gear that tells us that we are confident and comfortable about our bodies.  Maybe it is a treat, a reward.

As a little aside, I stretch every day.  Each night before going to bed.  It puts me into a good place mentally, and my body needs the stretch.  Mistress has encouraged me (words like “why don’t you” or “I’d like you to” are still in the realm of suggestions, not quite commands) to wear diapers when I stretch.  As she says, “it’s nice for you to mix the pleasure with the pain.”

From time to time I do, though if I am going to stretch, there is nothing quite like Lycra to do it in.

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