The latest health craze: sunshine on the perineum

Sounds like the lyrics to a new hit song

I do love wellness and am all for exploring the latest fads and themes.  The latest?  Sunshine on the perineum.  Ahem, what?!

First, what is the perineum?  Hmm, some might call it one of the erotic centres of the universe.  More precisely, it is the area between the anus and the vulva or scrotum.  This is the area where the nerves and blood vessels that feed and stimulate our genitals pass.  It is a hyper-sensitive region of the body.

Why do it?  Well, because of what an intense zone it is, sunning it gives your body a hyper dose of Vitamin-D.  And that seems to matter an awful lot to our general health and well-being.

It isn’t super convenient for me to find a naked place in the sun at the moment, so I settled on a very skimpy bikini bottom and a secluded stretch of beach…the result?  High energy levels.  I felt it.

And it doesn’t take long.  A minute or so of full on exposure.  Some people claim that perineum sunning will keep your qi, your energy life force, from leaving your body, and allow the sun in to re-energize you.  Indeed, it has been practiced and taught within Taoist religious teachings for a long time—combined with contracting the pelvic floor (aka Kegel exercises).  Other benefits?  Yup.

  • Builds qi
  • Increases vitamin D
  • Grows libido
  • Improves mental acuity and clarity
  • Improves sleep

Well, if you are going to do it, it is best to do it naked.  

I don’t know if it was just so much fun to be exposed like that for a wee while, or whether it really makes a difference, but I do know I will be doing it again.  And again.

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