Falling off the wagon with my weight and exercise goals

We all fall off the wagon. The question is, what do you do about it?

I have definitely fallen off the wagon with my weight and exercise goals over the past 10 days.  In fact, I gained 5.5 kg in just five days!  That is outrageous.  Worse still, it is above my accepted threshold.

What am I doing about it?

Well, for one I am not going to kill myself.  I know why it is happening.  A series of meals and events with my nearest and dearest and our friends that are in part celebration of the lifting of the past years restrictions on social gatherings.  The other reason is that enjoying a good meal is one of the great pleasures of life, and by good meal, I usually mean the company we keep while eating.

Indeed, that is the most important part of the world of food for me: companionship, good conversation, friendship.  Most of the time my life does not offer up the chances for this kind of interaction, so when it comes along, I take it.

To deal with it I realise I just need to exercise more…to burn it off.  So that is what I am doing.  I have started upping my distances, my pace, and the nature of exercise—more time on the rowing machine, more total time working out, further distances, faster distances.  And it is paying off.  First, I set a personal best today in terms of time/distance on a run.  I love that as I have run, not only my times have become faster, but the distance over which I can sustain it has increased. Second, in just three days since I reacted to my ballooning weight with alarm, I have already lost half of what I have gained.

The lesson for me?  Getting religious or freaking out about falling off the wagon doesn’t help.  What does help is doing something about it.  Own your body; own your life.

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  1. Staying on top of health is so important! I feel it’s important that people weigh themselves every week or so (not to beat themselves up, but to be aware of what is happening). It is so easy to start gaining, especially during celebration seasons. Good for you for realizing what was happening and quickly addressing it! I am curious…is this a part of your life that your Mistress is involved?


    1. My body weight and body image are for better or worse tied to my sense of self. Being able to wear certain clothes, mainly gendered women’s clothes, and to look good in them, or at least to feel them fit me in a natural way, is very important to me. So weight loss and exercise are integral to that. Mistress is pleased with my self-discipline and indeed has broached the subject of us exercising together or setting fitness goals for one another…as this would be good for both of us, but we haven’t done that yet. Though I do think it helps when other people are on your fitness journey with you. I try to exercise every day. The main thing is to stay in touch with how it feels to wear your body. I am very in tune with that, and that helps me stay focussed on my goals.

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