The nasty hypocrisy of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg spreads to Instagram and beyond

Its time to regulate them like newspapers and stop letting them pretend that they are not censoring as they choose

I am going to come clean and go straight for the jugular.  After all, this is my blog and I can say what I like, which is why I have it in the first place.

Shame on Facebook and Instagram for their double standards.  Shame on Mark Zuckerberg for a culture of hypocrisy and double standards.  Shame on censorship.

Social media companies want to have their cake and eat it.  They don’t want to be measured or judged by the content posted on their sitesas they are simply providing a “platform”.  Fine.  If that is true.  But in reality, they are being selective.

Should a woman post about menstruation, she is likely to be blocked or banned.  Should a woman show her nipples on either site, she is likely to be banned.  Why is a man’s nipple deemed okay and a woman’s not.  This is the kind of thinking that drives women who are breastfeeding into public restrooms so as to avoid judgemental eyes.  Are you serious.  If you were a baby, or a father of a baby, would you want your child having to be breast fed in some public restroom stall—because to do so must mean that it is shameful?! 

You can’t censor people’s posts for these reasons and then plead innocence when hate speech is transmitted on your platforms.  Why can someone post the “n-word” and that is acceptable, but a picture of a breast is not?  Either you are a platform or a moderator.  Which is it?  You can’t be both.

And as much as I hated Donald Trump’s nastiness and baby-ass-narcissism and immaturity, banning him is censorship.  If you can ban him, then why can’t you ban beheadings and other nasties.  Why?  Because you are total and utter hypocrites.

Facebook and Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg, is just out for $.  That’s all.  No better explanation.  Capitalist scum.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love capitalism.  But I can’t stand hypocrisy.  Snake behaviour.  Nasty, manipulative, double standards.

And with me, it is personal.  I posted two things on Instagram back-to-back and find myself banned.  First, I posted how going to a COVID test site with all these people in moon suits made me feel like I was going to a ritual castration…and second, I posted how I was being stalked by one of my followers on my Instagram account.  I was insta-banned on the site for one or both of those two posts.  No warning, just shut down.

I have asked repeatedly for an explanation.  None forthcoming.  But worse?  I tried to set up a Facebook account with the same email address and before I had even posted anything I was shut down.  I did the same after waiting three months, this time using a phone number, and again shut down before the first post.  In all cases I have requested a review or an explanation.  Silence.

What gives?  You are going to ban me and yet you allow white supremacist meeting gatherings to advertise, you allow hateful racist commentary, you allow a decade of nastiness from Donald Trump, but you only ban him after you think his power has been taken away from him?

You are practising the worst kind of censorship, the kind that our forebears fought and died over, freedom of speech, freedom of expression.  And by your biased, sexist, racist application of what constitutes acceptable discourse, as well as your hypocritical pleading that you should not be regulated because you are not responsible for what people post on your platform, you need to be regulated out of existence.

We all know what kind of a nasty person Mark Zuckerberg was to get to where he got to, is it at all surprising that the platform he is presiding over is just as sleazy?

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  1. AGREED! Facebook and other social media sites have become so powerful in our society…and they are now the gatekeepers as well. If users understood this I wouldn’t worry so much…but as a professor, I can tell you that I often have young people present “evidence” to me in the forms of memes they find on social media. It is scary how much influence these social media sites have.

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