Validation on my morning run…a blessing from a witch

The nourishment of the spirit world is all around us if we just open our hearts to see it.

I believe in witches and shamans and spirit guides.  They are all around us if you know how to look.

I also believe that people who become medium’s of one kind or another, are people who were born to it.  Yes, I believe that there is a genetic basis to all kinds of spirituality.  This being one of them.

Today on my morning run I wore a rather fetching little number.  Oh, the joy of exercise is so much more accessible to me when I can wear something skimpy!  Very short shorts for one, a sports bra, and, ahem, a racerback t-shirt so as not to be overly scandalous.

Everything in my ensemble revolved around my sports bra.  Slate grey, it is my favourite.  It is without seams, perfect for my flat chest…but were I to have even buds the size of an A-Cup it would likely be insufficient to the task.

So, for anyone who looks, my attire is surely notably not classic male.  Hah.  Indeed, I put on a pair of men’s board shorts for all of 10 seconds yesterday before taking them off.  They reminded me of those awful bathers from the 1920’s—who wants to wear clothes when swimming?!

As I ran along a beautiful stretch of sandy path, a small woman, perhaps in her 60’s, about 50 feet away raised her arms as she ran towards me with obvious joy.  As she came closer I could see how comfortable she was in her own skin, and as she ran, it was like she was two bodies, one of which was dancing inside of her.

She had a large silver nose ring between her nose and lips, and her smile lit up her entire face as she neared.  She brought her hands together and said, “bless you child” as we ran past one another, and I felt her smile upon me as if it were grace.

She is a spirit guide.  She could see me.  It made my morning.

I contrast her to the sourpuss I encountered 100’ later, whose disapproving face was tight and mean, a sad reflection of internal torment and the patriarchy.  Throw off your chains!

As I returned home the way I came, another woman, perhaps 50, also out for an early run, wished me a “good morning”.  I can count on one hand the number of times someone has wished me a good morning on my morning runs.  My reply? “It is now, thanks to you.  Good morning to you too.”

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  1. Your reply is fantastic… My day is good now because you wished me a good day… 😊 Awesome! Should keep that in mind 😉 might be able to use it myself some day… (if I’d have the courage to talk to someone I don’t know) 😊

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      1. 👍🏻 Thanks 😊 I often try to say hello to people I see more often, as they live in my street and I walk my dog 4 to 5 times a day… But most strangers I fear just talking to… I am on the spectrum (what they used to call Asperger’s) and I really struggle with social interaction… 😊

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  2. I understand. It isn’t always easy. A very dear friend of mine’s husband developed agoraphobia, to the point where he went from being totally able to live and interact with people in any situation to being afraid to leave the house. The kaleidoscope of humanity is its richness, and a dog is the perfect companion.


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