Imprinting and the olfactory world of a natural Goddess

How Mistress has re-connected me to the importance of smell at a human level

I have been living the good life lately, and that has had some consequences in my daily exercise and eating patterns.  But exercise also plays a really important role in my life of settling my thoughts.  Exercise feeds my desire to write, and often when I am running, I formulate ideas of things I am thinking about and wanting to write about.

Today was no exception.  I ran one of my longer runs, long for me, 12k, but this was different in that it was all uphill.  My exercise bunny sibling told me that if I want a cute butt I need to run uphill.  And since Mistress said my butt was perfect for thwacking, I am doubly inspired!

On my run today I got to thinking about pheromones and the importance of smell in life.  And then in my inbox when I got home was the notification about a post by a blogger whose work I follow.  She is “Stark Raving” and her post is titled Single Men Smell Different, And Other Reasons to Listen to Your Nose for Matters of the Heart.

As someone who has wanted to be a pretty, lithe, slave girl most of his/her life, it won’t surprise you that I like scents.  To be oiled and perfumed, wearing little or nothing, made ready for the Domme…you get the picture. Growing up, perfume was always a part of this ritual.

I know that before seeing a Domme you are supposed to take extra care with personal hygiene, and so I do.  She jokes about my habit of taking as many as three showers before seeing Her, but cleanliness isn’t all that I do.  I also depilate.  The ritual of a full body waxing, and I mean full, puts me in the headspace of being in Her harem and being made ready to be before Her.

Like any good harem slave needing to be ready to serve, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t care for my body and skin with oil.  I have always loved dabbing a little scent behind my knees, on my ankles, my wrists and on my throat, usually different ones, so that I can be a sniff-sensory landscape.  This kind of fun has long been a source of amusement and play with my SO, and as you can see it allows me to play out my fantasy life without imposing on her the burden of knowing what lays behind it.

But Mistress is different.  Mistress is natural.  She is a “pheromone-laden” Goddess.  And I have never met someone that is this way.  And well, I just love it. And it made me want to play with it, and see where it could go in terms of how we interact.  The first time we were together she let me use my nose to discover her.  That day we were talking about Imprinting, the concept in animal behaviour whereby a new-born “imprints” and becomes attached to its mother by sight and smell.  The original idea came from these films we watched in H.S. biology class where the real mother of some duck chicks was replaced by a watering can, and while it was cute to see these little baby ducks following a watering can everywhere it went, it was also kind of cruel to see. That said, as a rational adult, being programmed to associate all of the wonderful feelings I have when I am with Mistress to her scent, is immensely satisfying and titillating.

I mused aloud whether it would be possible for my own olfactory world to become imprinted by Her scent.  That appears to be what has happened.  Between being allowed to smell her, the intense warmth of being held close, and the mix of soothing and reassuring words that she speaks to me, I have come to cherish these moments of intimacy.  Just the thought of it makes me grow weak with submissive feelings.

In truth, I rely tremendously on my sense of smell—as someone who loves to cook and eat, there are few things more important.  And indeed, smell is the scent that is most powerful in its ability to conjure up memory and emotion.  So, it is appropriate that Mistress is reconnecting me to the olfactory landscape, and I love that it is anchored to her.  Now, when I smell anything, I can’t help but think of her.

And this has affected my attitude towards my own body.  I am certainly concerned about the nasty ingredients they put in perfumes to preserve them.  That has affected which ones I buy…and apparently some of the cheaper perfumes contain hormone disruptors.  And while for a non-binary person that might sound like fun, the reality isn’t—the reality is health problems.  So, I stick to essential oils, but when I am to be with Mistress, I am also sensitive to the olfactory landscape, and this allows me to be with her without adornment, just naked and available, just like a freshly plucked peach.

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