Beach Blanket Politics, Flirting, and Attraction

The other day I was sunning myself on the beach.  It was not a particularly crowded day, and everyone was practicing safe distance.

There was a young couple lying about two metres from me.  She was extraordinarily attractive, petite, nubile, kissed by the sun, with long straight blonde hair brought over from her natural brunette.  She looked to be 20.

Her boy was quite slim, and appeared to be younger than her.  He had a pencil thin goatee that ran around his mouth, that seemed designed more as a nod to not being able to grow much hair and wanting to look tough than a design statement.  He seemed like a school boy.

I was minding my business, laying on my towel, reading a food magazine, and as always, was wearing a skimpy bikini bottom.  Every now and again I glanced over their way, and they were displaying the signs of affection.

At one point I glanced over and he was laying on his back, passive, face turned away from me and towards her.  She had engineered it thus.  She had one leg over his, and was kissing him, but looking at me.  

She was willing me to look, performing for me.  She didn’t take her eyes off mine as she kissed him.  He was completely under her spell.  She lifted up her face and smiled and winked at me and continued to make eyes at me as she kissed him and teased him.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Was she showing off because it titillated her?  Was she trying to tease me?  Did she think I was wishing I was her?  Did she think I was wishing she was kissing me?

I have no idea but therein lies the beauty of life…and how sensuous and seductive the female of our species is! She had me as much under her spell as the boy she had trapped beneath her.

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