My Domme is my Trainer

My exercise goal is flexibility and general fitness.  Not muscle mass.  I always struggle at gyms to get the message across, because all the guys want to build me up.  They don’t like my skinny arms.  No boys, I don’t want muscle, I just want tone.

I started following and watching a number of different you-tube exercise people, and have a range of really great, targeted exercises to keep my butt strong, firm, and round.  I focus on my glutes so much because it is the best fat burner in the body.  Every other day sees me doing a mixture of floor exercises, yoga poses, and stretches intended to target the glutes and thighs.

I alternate this with core exercises, focussing on my belly and my sides, tightening and firming.  I do this on the same day that I run short runs 5k-8k…and on days that I do “long runs” of 10k or more, I just rest after.

I take one day off each week.  That said, every day is a stretching day.  This was something that was introduced to me by my pole dancing Domme friend, who is a Goddess of flexibility and strength.  I like that she has taken a personal interest in my health and well-being and I like that she calls me her ‘exercise bunny.’

With her and this programme I have lost a ton of weight, 10 kgs or 25 lbs since January, and it is staying off and becoming tone.

My actual Domme is working to introduce kink into my stretching, so that the pain I feel from it is tied to her, and to pleasure, and to my reward centres.  It seems to be working.

It sure is nice to have women around me who know how to push my buttons to get me to work hard towards my goals…every little bit helps!  Thank you ladies.  Thank you Mistress.

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