What’s with the Dick Pics?

I really don’t understand sending a stranger a dick pick.  But we know from the popular press that it is an exceedingly common phenomenon.  I know from my own social profile online, because I get them almost every day.

I can almost, well not really, understand someone sending a dick pick to a GF because she asks, but ladies, for real, do you really want to see it?  Out of the hundreds of dick pics I have received, I can truly say that only one was attractive and impressive.  The rest are just gross and pretty pathetic.

What kind of man sends dick pics?  You have the Senators and Jeff Bezos…you can have anything, have power, money, success, and this is what you choose to do to get off?  Is that what you are doing?  You get off sending a dick pic? Is the dick pic just another ugly manifestation of toxic masculinity?

Why would any woman be impressed?  Why would any woman be turned on?  Why would I, a reasonably loud female-oriented trans who explicitly loves women only, be interested in receiving a dick pic?

Who is this person?  Is he entitled?  Is he trying to assert power?  Is he so deluded that he thinks someone might actually be pleased to receive a picture of his worm?  How does this make him feel?  What could possibly motivate him to do this in the first place.

Sending unsolicited dick pics is an act sexual violence.  It is assault.  Most of the time I write back and ask them why they do it, and that it is inappropriate.  Most ghost me, only one has ever apologized.  None has ever explained it.

If it is a compulsion of some kind, and you can’t help it, kind of like those guys who wear raincoats and expose themselves, at least send money first, so there is some semblance of an exchange.  But in truth, not even SWs want to see your dick pics, especially the unsolicited ones.

What scares me is not only that this is a common thing, but more so, whatever nastiness that we need to root out of gender relations and society for us to progress as humans, has some nasty, primordial violence lurking at the bottom of it which is tied to male sexuality.

What would be the matter with a world that had no men at all—just a giant sperm bank available for any woman who wanted to bear a child.  That would be one solution to ending the patriarchy.

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