Men Must Dismantle the Patriarchy

The innate superiority of women is rooted in motherhood.  The essence of female.  What I regard as nature’s greatest gift, to carry and give birth to a child. Our purpose as a species, why we exist, why life exists, is to reproduce itself.  Technically this requires both male and female, yin and yang, the female plays the lead role.  In theory yin-yang speaks of equality, but in the real world, where does that lie? Just as the Y chromosome as a sex marker is a bit player in the genetic stakes compared to the X chromosome, and which we all possess, the male Y can be thought of as a little on-off switch, turning off the glory of the female and leaving a male.

In a true and balanced society, the role of woman as caregiver, tender of the flock, shepherdess, but also as giver of life, reaches a higher meaning.  By some obscure and unpleasant twist of fate, the world has evolved into a patriarchal society.  This was made possible in the dark past by man’s greater physical strength, which he used to dominate the world around him, and which led to a physical domination of women. Our entire social construct began with this dynamic in play.  There was a conflation between physical dominance and success, and in truth, that structure was self-reinforcing, because the danger came from within.  A male challenger will kill the children of his predecessor if given the chance, just as happens in some elements of the animal kingdom, viz lions.  This self-reinforcement led to an increasing physical and mental divergence between the sexes, one that is only now being more explicitly understood.

One.  Women became extraordinarily beautiful.  So beautiful that men would die for them, fight over them, fight and kill and die to be able to reproduce with them. Men also became stronger and more violent. Beauty in society always has a place at the table, but physical strength is increasingly meaningless and a propensity to violence is no longer welcome.

We stand on the edge of potential change.  A massive social change that will forever lift women out of a state of subjugation.  1. Women today increasingly have control over their reproductive rights and have access to contraception.  2. The world is moving to an acceptance of non-binary sexual roles with a rise of people whose existence blurs the boundaries between what is archetypal male and female.  3. Masculinity is increasingly challenged as toxic, as much of its expression is…leading men to grapple with what is or should be a more acceptable way of being.  4. The classical physical strength model of a man is no longer linked to success—either professional or reproductive, meaning that atypical males are just as, or even more, likely to spread their genes.

Resistance in society is deep and comes from both men and women who believe that the old ways are the right ways.  This will pass.  The emergence of FLR, BDSM, D/s, and so many different fringe sexual practices and ways of being are becoming more mainstream, even popular, and certainly accepted.  As this occurs, role models will emerge.  As role models emerge, followers will rise.  And the world, little by little will change.

These are some outward signs that change is truly occurring, though progress is painfully slow:

  • Ever stronger push for equal pay across genders
  • Greater workplace participation by women
  • Mandated equal time paternity leave and maternity leave
  • Gay marriage
  • Trans rights for sexual reassignment treated as a healthcare right

The path is long, but the first steps are taken.  

Bless the men who play an active role in charging the gates of the patriarchy.  The world will be a better place for it.

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