Overcoming Jealousy

As I began my journey into D/s I read whatever I could find.  I came across a sub’s musings—a mixture of humour, perversion, and philosophy.  Should he encounter this post he will recognise himself…but he and his Domme have achieved 10th Dan status in the perverted arts of D/s.  One post along the way could be paraphrased as:

“I should be jealous of the financial success of my Domme with other clients, but I cannot help but feel elated for her.”

When I read his post, I thought, ‘how enlightened’, knowing how much any of us, in kink or in vanilla relationships can become seduced by the sin of possessiveness.  

So, when I was thinking about the commitments that I would give to my own Domme, ones that she could expect of me, one of the ones I vowed was to never become jealous.

In trying to get to know her before approaching for the first time I did look and see other subs interacting with her.  Perhaps there was a tinge of something.  But as I read and saw through the gifting, the vying for her attention, the comments, allusions to things shared and done, I was overwhelmed by a vastly different feeling.

These subs were genuinely and deeply grateful to this woman. And it wasn’t the kink that was driving it.  There was deep-seated respect coming through, thanks for how she had helped shape and improve their lives, gratitude for time spent and for being understood.  What a gift!

And we think that these men spending money, sending presents, so that they may play are the ones giving because after all this is a provider-client business, right?  But I was overpowered by the idea that she is the one giving the true gifts.  Giving of herself, her creativity, her understanding and consideration. And to think how many people have had their lives touched in such deep, powerful and positive ways by her!

That is magic.  True magic.  And the evident impact in these people’s lives was clearly expressed beyond kink.  It reminds me of an expression in Islam:

“The measure of a person’s life is the great works they leave behind and the memories of the people who love them.”

This mistress is actively doing both, with many different people, from all different walks of life.  Can you say the same about yourself?  What active good in the world have you done today?

Is it any wonder that in this way she really is a Goddess?

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