Return of the lioness: my favourite therapist is back

You know who I am talking about.  My favourite therapist is back, only things are quite different.  We had some pretty deep conversations during a transition phase, lot’s of them, mainly with her or me or sitting in our cars somewhere in the world on zoom, and hashing things out, speaking openly and honestly about what either one of us might need from our interaction.

The outcome?  She “told” me that we were going onto a regular schedule, that I would be given homework, and that she would control the session and I would no longer be allowed to tell my fun but silly stories which serve to distract us from “the work”…and that as a reward for being a “good boy” or “good girl” as things went, would mean at the end we could talk a bit.

I am pleased to say that it was great.  I loved being bossed around by her (in a mild way) and we managed to be much more into the zone from a meditative and hypnotic state.  

We spend much more time on the meditation and hypnosis, much less time on “therapy” and much more time on matters spiritual.  And not at all surprisingly, I respond well to the structure and bossy aspects of our changing dynamic…and well, she is enjoying channelling the “male” energy.

What else?  My Dom friend was right.  She wants to be my dominatrix.  Somehow, it worked.  Within the therapeutic context.  She applied her alpha female skills, channelled her lioness and had me working on the things that we were always supposed to do.  Talking and reflecting on intensely emotional topics has me skittish like a wild horse—chatting and chatting.  All I need is the calm hand of a woman who rides to take the reins.

And I do love my weekly assignments. Things to read. Things to think. Things to say. Things to do.

My favourite quote?  “If you say one more word, I am going to have to charge you extra.”

Oh dear, now that’s what I call therapy.

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