Saturday Shorts: An erotic story in 200 words or less…the theme? “Kept on a Leash”

Here is the 200 word version of my previous post on this topic, challenge from Submissy to express “collared and leashed” in 200 words or less.

How do you know what you need most in life is to be collared and leashed, even before you’ve felt it?  How do you know how someone will react if you articulate these desires?  How do you know that these desires find their purest expression in collars and leashes?  Where does this come from if you have had no previous such experience?  Where does it come from if you haven’t even been exposed to this as a kink?

The miracle of life happens when you are out with a GF, having never discussed such things, and without so much as a word or the merest titillation, you buy a collar and leash, and when you get home you show it to her.

Wordlessly she takes it, smiles, and with a mixture of mischief, intuition, and power that can only come from the divine she stands erect, points to the ground in front of her, and you slip to your knees in full knowledge that this represents the abyss, the unknown.  And when she collars you and gives the leash a few playful tugs, a million synapses fire, flooding you with divine bliss.  Submission has no name, it just is.

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