In the world of D/s, what animal are you?

The animals that represent us speak volumes of our inner world.

In my many interactions with various Dommes and also some subs, the subject of which animals we are most like has often come up.

I have dreamt of Mistress taking animal form, as an owl and as a wolf.  These are just some of many of her forms.  Is it a coincidence that the animals I find myself as are often the prey of the animals she is?  Hmmm. [I wrote about one of those dreams here].

With a delightful person I was corresponding with she labelled me a fitness bunny.  It was an expression I had not heard before and I found it rather flattering.  The label stuck.  The other thing she liked to call me was “tea leaf” because I was steeping in her tea…that was part of my journey.

My first tentative steps into D/s reminded me a great deal of a pet deer that a family friend kept.  [I wrote about this animal here].  What was so remarkable about it was how it shivered with nervousness, its skin twitching, its tail flashing white, as it approached us, but how it also felt a pet’s need to be caressed, to be near humans.  Instinct for flight overpowered by existential need.  That is exactly how I felt the first time I met Mistress.  It was incredible, and it comes back to me in doses each time we try something new.

Growing up I was always a big cat.  A leopard or a panther.  Affected no doubt by Nasstasja Kinski in the movie Cat People.  She was my definition of sexy, and I so wanted to be her.  The mystical act of transformation was something of great beauty.

I love the existence of pupply play.   Given my love of collars and leashes, it is a short strip to puppy, dog bowl, cages…wow!  Plus, my adoration and devotion to Mistress is gradually turning into the loyalty that a dog shows to Master…and I certainly like playing ball with her, dropping little tid-bits at her feet to see if she will play with me.  Yes, devoted, loyal, obedient, faithful—these are all traits I admire and wish to continue to see grow…and also playful, like a puppy, wishing to please Mistress and to see her smile.  But I am no “dog” in any of its senses.  Honour first.  No shame.  Fierce if necessary, especially in my devotion.

I am also a kitty cat.  A kitty cat is my current familiar.  Soft and cuddly and curled at Mistress’s feet.  The kitty cat brings me to Her very often.  Ahh, to be a pet.   Bliss.

What is your familiar?  Or, like Mistress, do you possess multitudes?

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    1. Do you know this game. What is your favorite color? Describe what you like about it with three adjectives that illustrate what it is you like. Then, your animal. Then your favorite body of water. Finally, your feeling of being enclosed in an all white room, without windows or doors, how does it feel? Adjectives to describe? Let me know.

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      1. My favorite color is red. It is bold, assertive, and sensual. My favorite animal is the Wolf. The wolf is smart, independent, and loyal. My favorite body of water is a lake. A lake is steady, peaceful, calming. I would not enjoy being in any room without windows or doors… I would feel trapped, claustrophobic, contained. I hope I did this right… 🙂

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      2. That’s great. You are the perfect subject! The colour is how you see yourself…The animal is how you see your ideal mate and life partner. Your body of water is your view of sex and sexuality…the room is your feeling about death.

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      3. Hmmm… I like all of that but my views on sex! Sex should not be peaceful or calming! Okay, maybe sometimes…but the majority of the time, I want it hot, hot, hot! Thank you, my friend…this was fun 🙂

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