Book Review: Salt on Our Skin

A sexy story of forbidden love and adultery spread over 30 years. Passion, romance, and wonderfully described touching

This book was the first book that my SO told me to read.  She told me that she found it to be the sexiest book she had ever read.  It is a story of an over-powering love, an impossible love, and an adulterous love (a bit of a theme lately).  It was also made into a somewhat erotic film in the early 1990’s and stars Greta Scacchi and Vincent D’Onofrio.

I took it as a shot across the bows as well.  I was well aware that my SO left a man she had travelled half-way around the world to be with when she found he was not the man of her dreams.  They were going to get married.  Instead, she ended up with a lover.

Her lover of that time was still very much in her life, and now living in the same city we were.  So, shot across the bows, I knew how this man gave her that loving feeling.  It was just a part of the way that my SO seduced me.  She was telling me in oh-so-many ways that I needed to earn her love every day in order to be with her.  I have always responded well to a challenge. No room for self-doubt in that!

And you know what’s funny?  I was born filled with self-doubt. But I have chosen to surround myself with people who challenge the heck out of me.  Because I realised somewhere along the way that if you give in to self-doubt, your life will founder, but if you constantly strive to keep up with the challenging people you surround yourself with, then you will not only not have time to indulge in self-doubt, but you will also never stop growing.

Precis of the Book

From Wikipedia: The plot follows the passionate relationship between mismatched lovers, a Parisian intellectual woman, George, and a Scottish fisherman, Gavin, brought together by lust. Their passionate encounters over 30 years make both their lives worth living.

They meet by accident when she vacations where he is a fisherman.  She falls in lust for him and they begin a torrid affair.  He later asks to marry her, but she sees too great a gap in her intellectual ambitions and his humble life.  She refuses, and this puts a wedge between them.  They both marry, but her life takes her back to him by chance, and while he is initially hesitant, still heart by her rejection, they begin to see each other regularly once again.  They are united by a terrific passion, and indeed, the book is wonderful in its sensual descriptions.

In the end, they are separated because he dies.  At his funeral, Gavin’s wife hands her a letter from him to her.  It reads:

“Before you came into my life, I believed that each day resembled the other, and that they would continue this way until I died. Since you, and don’t ask me to explain, I only know that I want you in my arms from time to time if you wanted too. The thought that you exist somewhere and that you think about me sometimes helps me to live…”


I’m beginning to feel this way about Mistress.  Of course, the context is different, but my need to submit to Her and to feel her yoke upon me is all-consuming.

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