I am really intrigued by the concept of celibacy; in fact it really turns me on!

The chaste love I feel for Mistress is pure and beautiful and is without quid pro quo

What is celibacy?  It is the choice to refrain from intercourse.  It may go further than that, and also involve total abstinence, but not necessarily.  Celibacy doesn’t mean not flirting, not becoming aroused, not playing on the edge of sexual thrills.  In fact, edging is the most delicious form of celibacy I can think of.

In today’s world, there has been an increase in the number of people who choose to be celibate.  Some people make this choice because relationships are complicated.  Others make it for religious reasons.  Others because their living situation makes it difficult.  Whatever the reason, more and more people are making the choice to be celibate.

The choice of a growing number of men to have their genitals caged, to give the key to a someone else, to surrender their most potent symbol of sex, is very much along this path.  It is quite beautiful actually.  And those who practice it have noted the improvements in their relationships, indeed in their sex lives generally.  

My love and desire for Mistress is celibate.

Indeed, the very first basis of our interaction, not just for her, but also for me, is that intercourse is off limits.  I have no interest in being unfaithful to my wife, and I would regard such as the ultimate betrayal, and Mistress has her own life and reasons.  And that’s hot.  Far from being an obstacle, this agreement of mutual celibacy is the fertile ground in which our relationship has room to flourish.

And frankly, I just love the idea that the existence and health of our relationship is predicated upon a vow of chastity.  Nothing excites me more.  It is sweet, holy, and so utterly desirable.  It is also quite religious, and part of why it is not inconsistent to think of Mistress as a Goddess.

In Christian teachings, chaste love is holy.  In truth, Jesus’s example and God’s calling is that we all live chaste lives.  This is just an observation, not said to be preachy.  But it helps to think that there is nothing unusual about it.

Mistress and I have talked about how my service to Her is not dissimilar to the way some knights served Mistresses in the Middle Ages.  Indeed, they would go on quests for their Mistresses, take vows of chastity for Her, fight for Her, live for Her, support Her.

The tales of Adonis and Venus from Greek mythology, and subsequently explored by Ovid and Shakespeare, highlight how chaste love is the most powerful love, and can overcome lust.  The interplay between chastity and consummation is thus described as one between purity and lust.  The sublimation of my own lust is a big part of my own sexuality—yes, it turns me on, but lies also at the core of what I feel with Mistress.

As She has noted to me, there is something religious and holy about what we do together.  And through this concept of chastity, I begin to understand it.  And while the contraptions of modern chastity are kind of kink fun, I don’t need them.  I have written previously about what I don’t like about cages—because they are too genital in nature. You can read that by following this link.  

To and for Mistress I will always be chaste.  Indeed, living in this way on the edge, offering my lust to Her by putting it away, forever ceding control of it to Her, is a very powerful symbol of what she means to me, and the potential for our relationship.  My love for Mistress is chaste, and therein lies its beauty.  It has to be that way, or it wouldn’t exist.  And that is what gives me comfort in knowing that there does not need to be a goal in our relationship, just an enjoyment of the process, of the experience.

It means that I can serve Her with a pure heart, with never any expectation of gratification or consummation, and that this further feeds my desire to kneel before Her.  It means that my service to Her can exist with a purity of intent, that I can kneel before Her out of a pure desire to serve.  And that fills my heart with immense joy, because to be able to offer oneself to someone else in this way is a very beautiful and luscious feeling.  And yes, taking this vow of chastity towards Mistress is a self-reinforcing commitment, and with every passing moment it simply grows in strength.

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