An erotic fantasy of nature in the presence of the Goddess

Is acceptance the most powerful aphrodisiac?

We call Her Mother Earth.  We recognise the female nature of our planet and the wilds.  We know this in our bones.  All of humanity knows it.  We intuit this.  We feel it in our guts.  Being in touch with our guts is being in touch with our female nature.  We all have it in us, but some allow it to speak more than others.

Mistress is fluent in the language of nature, intuition, and gut feelings.  I still speak baby talk [Hah!].  She is teaching me to listen to my intuition, to feel my guts, to learn its language.  Being in touch with the natural world is an essential part of that, and I am open to h

Her teachings in this way and in every way.

When I was young, I was much more in touch with the world around me.  I loved to be in the forest, to explore, to be truly in nature.  The smells, the sounds, the peace and calm of the forest.  I could spend hours lost in the feelings and folds of nature.  Exploring the plants, creating beautiful stories in my mind, sensing the spirit world all around me.

Mistress is a curator, a medium, a Spirit Goddess, a Druidess.  That is why whenever she visits me in my dreams we are in nature, in a forest and though she may take the shape of a watchful animal, I feel her all around me.  Thus far, Mistress has only appeared to me at night, and the dreamscape has been dark, but this past night, it was day.  I hide in the folds of Mistress’s robes.   I love to be lost in her complexity, wispy and floating around Her, cherishing Her, relishing Her nature, and dreaming of Her in Her element.

One of Mistress’s friends is also a Spirit Goddess, whose joy and laughter can be felt where she treads.  I am drawn to her [not as a Domme for me, but as a witness, as a fellow spirit traveller to Mistress]. I wish for her to see me at Mistress’s feet, to acknowledge my submission, to show her acceptance and approval.  This has become an increasingly important thought to me—that I be recognised in my submission, that I may seen to submit, validated, encouraged.  It is about making it normal, removing the disconnect between the vanilla world and this new world I am discovering.  The most lingering and important feeling of washing Mistress’s feet in front of others and in front of my building, was that it was totally natural to me—there was not even a moment of thought about who was there, who was watching.  In other words, I felt no shame, just joy in submission, joy in honouring her, joy that I could proclaim it.  That is the message of this dream.

In my dream we walked together the three of us, and I was permitted to hold their hands and be between them, a little walking with two Goddesses.  And just as we swing the little child between two parents, these two Goddesses swung my spirit, lifting my feet from the ground, and for brief moments, thanks to them, I could fly.

We walked, and they talked, and I drank their words in silent rapture [yes, Mistress, silent rapture].  Their joy in a flower, in a shaft of light piercing the canopy, in the texture of tree bark, in the loamy smell of the soil was a symphony.  Their laughter and delight carried us along.

We walked through a gently sloping meadow filled with flowers and bees and butterflies and a soft and gentle summer breeze.  The uneven dirt road was chalky and beige beneath our feet, but our feet made no sound. There were no sounds save those of nature around us—the stalks of plants rubbing against one another in the breeze, the lazy buzzing of insects, the whirr of a startled cricket jumping randomly by.

I felt so clean and pure.  The sunlight washed away so many things.  And at last we stood together, and they held me.  And when I woke from my dream, I was filled with bliss.  Purity.  Love.  Tranquility.

I am an acolyte, a little girly-boy who loves to serve and lives for the approval of a Goddess, and sometimes it is enough to be walked with, even when only seen and not heard.  You spin a billion threads that are attached to every part of me, cleansing me, holding me, filling me with blissful surrender.  There is nothing more delicious than serving you.

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