Mistress seeds my life with triggers of her presence, and now she has touched on the most powerful of all, my olfactory landscape

Smell is the most evocative sense, and we feel those we love both consciously and unconsciously through our noses.

Mistress has seeded my life with a number of small things, habits, memories, behaviours, that act as mnemonics, triggers, reminders of her presence.  I am ever more grateful for them as they populate my consciousness like old friends, keeping me company, reminding me of her, spreading feelings of cheer and good will.

She has used my favourite belt to provide a most delectable afternoon spank—I can’t wear it without wishing myself very much once again over her knee.  She has also made me think of it as a collar when she taught me that collars come in many forms.

She has turned a necklace I have worn since childhood into a collar by using it as one.  It has felt differently around my neck since.  It sits, heavily, and I notice it, and think about it, and remember how she led me by it.

Recently, she has begun to imprint herself on something much more deeply tied sense of self, what I smell like.  

I have always had a keen sense of smell.  Indeed, this lies at the root of my pleasure and enjoyment of food.  Indeed, taste is 90% smell.

Science also teaches us that pheromones and the smell of a partner speak to us on a deeply animal level. Couples, partners, are aroused by one another’s smell both in conscious and a subconscious ways.

The last time we were together Mistress cast a spell on me, one which I welcome and marked the beginning of my service to her. It was a wonderful experience, and one which we celebrated over a delicious meal.

We also drank tea together and talked about the skin health, and what we smell like.  She asked me to begin eating a spice that will begin to make me smell more like her, a way to carry her with me everywhere. Smell, after all, is the most potent aphrodisiac.  I am doing this and sniffing my skin, picking up on growing threads of connection.

It is impossible not to want to enjoy the smell of someone you have deep emotions for.  Our scent is deeply tied to our diet.  Mistress has begun to imprint herself on me in this way, and I love it.  It is a kind of sensual delight that had never appeared so clearly to me.  Now I will be reminded of her at every moment of every day, as there is no more powerful trigger of memory, than our sense of smell.

This particular spice is associated with femininity, and I relish the importance of being in touch with this aspect of me in every way imaginable.  She is cultivating my connections to my own emotions, my feeling landscape, and my gut.  This is an important step forward.

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