I want to normalise my submission by being seen to submit

I am proud to serve Mistress

I mentioned to Mistress that it would be nice to be observed in submission.  That I was proud to serve her, and while there are certain aspects of my vanilla life that might intrude, to be recognised as belonging to her was a fulfilling thought.  We discussed that one day we might invite one of her colleagues to join us.  I wasn’t talking about “play” involving someone else, just being able to be in the company with someone else, which would have the powerful effect of normalizing my submission to Mistress.

Who would know that I should be presented with such an opportunity shortly thereafter?

It so happened that Mistress and I had to rush, and that required her to remove her shoes so she could run.  After, she was looking in her bag for something to wipe her feet with and not finding it.

We were right in front of my apartment building, the doorman and valet were watching, other residents were coming and going, the property manager was swanning around the lobby.  I asked the valet to let me into the garage, and though a gentleman never runs, I ran to get a pack of wipes from my car.

I ran back too, presented them to Mistress, and said, “an opportunity for service,” and she understood what I meant.

“Take two of them,” she said, and sat down on the wall.  A man in his fifties, another resident, sat on the wall perhaps 10’ away and watched.

I got down on one knee and took one of her feet in my hands and was allowed to clean it with the wipe.  I cleaned it with care, to remove any sand or grit or dirt that might stain her shoes.  And then I did the same for her other foot.

The washing of feet is a long-standing Christian tradition and act of humility.  Jesus washed people’s feet, Pope Francis washes and kisses the feet of the downtrodden, and some Christian weddings are incorporating a foot-washing ceremony into the giving of vows—“yours in service.”

I was so honoured to be able to render this small service to Her.  But more than anything, it felt natural and good.  It provided uncommon delight that my whole immediate world was there watching.  To be observed in service is to be validated in service.  

Oh, and boys—this is how a Goddess should be treated.

5 thoughts

  1. D/s in plain sight. Love that interaction.

    Had that happend to me unexpectedly once at an airport. Think his instruction of having me sit and hands on knees sent me straight to subspace. Don’t really remember what he said exactly after that. Just remembered my heart fluttering the whole time as people passed by.

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