Being Mentally and Physically Ready to be with Mistress is a deep journey into wellness

For those of you who are familiar with the world of D/s, you will know that a basic expectation when visiting a Domme is attention to personal hygiene.  It is disrespectful to show up dirty, sweaty, or unclean.  I am posting this today because the steps I take to prepare myself are good for life in general.  Cleanliness, however, is just the basic hygiene factor.

Here is what I do.

Preparation Begins Days Before

The anticipation of being with Mistress affects my daily rhythm. The excitement is certainly one thing, but getting myself into a feeling of being at one with my body begins already weeks before I know I am to see her. That means a more stringent and committed exercise routine, and as the date approaches, the sequence and schedule also change and I adapt, so that I am stretched and limber, ready, and flexible. It also means diet, and feeling completely comfortable in my body, not having over-indulged, but just being ready.


I love that Mistress is natural. This is growing in importance to me every time I see her. It is also important to me to be completely smooth and shorn, without a hair left below my neck.

I time my visit to the salon to the days before seeing her. On this occasion, there was a woman in another room who introduced a new word to me, her “vajayjay”. She had the entire salon in laughter as she shrieked in pain at her first ever full Brazilian. She had a friend in the reception who answered her calls with teasing and laughter. She said, “if I had known this was going to be as bad as giving birth I wouldn’t be here today–oh Lord!”

It does rather hurt, not just there, but in my armpits, and this time, my forearms.

But as I go through it, I imagine that this is a part of being in Mistress’s harem, and that I should be fully and suitably read to be with her, ready to be totally and utterly naked before her.


Inside and out.  Wash, loofah, exfoliate.  Anoint the skin with oil—not greasy, but to increase the suppleness and plumpness of the skin.  This care also serves to heighten sensation in the skin, by sloughing off dead cells.

The olfactory landscape provided by gently and naturally scented oils is also a source of comfort and pleasure.  A clean body is a present body, it puts me into my skin.  It is also a confident body.  There is no telling where on the body time together may lead.  Not having to think about that or worry about it helps to let go.

The first time I met her I showered three times (not recommended), not wanting to leave anything to chance.


When I know that I am going to see Mistress, I spend more time pushing my body, and harder than I do the rest of the time.  Meeting goals for fitness and asking my body to improve itself is an important part of laying myself at her feet.  The stronger and fitter, the more lean and toned, the better I feel in myself, and this is important to work to offer up the best of me for her to play with.

Stretching and Meditation

I spend at least an hour before seeing Her stretching out.  This is like meditation, though I often find myself in conversation with Her.  Invariably this leads to tears.  Clearing out the emotional cobwebs helps me to be mentally and spiritually limber before seeing Her.  There is no better way to make a happy body.


I am reconnecting with my love of healthful infusions thanks to Mistress, whose knowledge of the world’s herbal teas and how they heal, is a reawakening.  To cleanse from within is the goal.

All of these things put me into the right mental, spiritual and physical state to be with Her and ready to receive her guidance and teaching.  All of the above are aspects of D/s I had never considered or known to exist before I embarked on this path.  But I ask you, wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate these routines into some semblance of daily living?  I sure know that I feel better from any of them.

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