The curious case of the phantom panties

Do women leave their underwear out in public places on purpose, or is there something really bad going on?

Running today I found a skimpy woman’s top, and it made me think of all the other times out walking or running, on beaches, in parking lots, on secluded paths, how often I have found women’s intimates.

Why is that?  What is going on here?  Is there something I am missing?  Is it pervy guys out for a wank?  Is it women who have been aggressed?  I sure hope not.  In these choices there is no positive outcome.

But, what if, as I have usually assumed, that it is a souvenir of a happy late-night tryst.  Even still, why lose the knickers?

The only benign explanation I can think of is that they were on a clothing line somewhere and they just blew away, and kept blowing and blowing until they ended up at my feet.

Many years ago, I remember one morning coming back to a room I was sharing with a friend back in University days.  I had stayed away over the night as he was hooking up with a female acquaintance of mine.  As an amusing aside, she later told me that she had always had the hots for me but had assumed I was gay!  Oh well, that’s what happens when you are living out your non-binary life.

Anyway, when I got back she was gone, he was there, but so were her panties.  It seems that my roommate had kept them as a souvenir.  They were actually rather nice smalls, not ones that she would accidentally leave behind.  So, in this case, I guess that she had fun and she was indulging him by leaving her underwear behind for him to remember her by leaving them behind.  At least that is what I am guessing.

That isn’t my kink, but he was quite proud of having her panties. He boasted about it, and I imagined him and his other friends talking about their conquests. I had known him since high school, and had never seen anything like that, let alone ever had a conversation with him that I would have regarded as disrespectful, and I just thought to myself, ‘ugh, I didn’t know you were like that.’ I shouldn’t have judged, maybe tons of people do that sort of thing, and even if not, it was just something they shared. And anyway, people who live in glass houses…

I wonder why it is that I have never found a man’s underwear out on my jaunts.  Is there something I am missing?  It seems hard to imagine that one might leave them behind by accident. Are men’s underwear just so dull? Panties, like women, carry much more sexual power. Is that it?

Can someone explain to me if flying panties are a real phenomenon?  Do women leave them behind on purpose? Do you just not want to put them on again after a romp? Do I have it completely wrong?  Can anyone shed light on this?  If you are a woman, have you ever done this?

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