Giving small acts of joy to those we encounter

Oh, and always help a mom.

Today I was rather late out the door to exercise, in part weather-driven, and in part driven by a gut health study I am participating in which has some very strict rules about what to eat and when, and when I can exercise.  Once out of the restricted time, I was itching to go for a run, and the weather had eased up.

It was a good run, and while I can’t say I love running, I do love what it does for my body.  It just seems to tucker me out faster and more thoroughly than just about anything else.  You can also do it just about anywhere, so being on the road needn’t get in the way.

But the weather did not stay kind.  What transpired was a tropical downpour soaking me and anyone out and about.  Inconvenient perhaps, but also incredibly enjoyable. Cleansing. As I jogged along I passed a miserable family—two young boys, perhaps 5-7 and a very wet mother.  One boy lamented, “It’s all your fault!”  I never butt in, but today I felt compelled to do so as I jogged past.

“Even a Goddess like your Mom doesn’t make the weather. Just think how fun it is to get really, really soaked, and splash the pants out of life!” and then I jumped up in the air, splashed in a puddle and shouted out with joy.

I turned and looked at them, and they were just beaming, all three of them.  The kids started to jump in the water and the mother just looked relieved.  I bounded off feeling as light as air even though I could see the water coming out of my shoes like they were sponges.  That was my good deed of the day.  What was yours?

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