God is Non-Binary

God is non-binary.  By definition.  I was thinking the other day about how in Christian texts we often refer to God as Lord.  Lord connotes “male”.  And all of our Christian texts, particularly the Bible, refer to God as Him.

Written by men, another tool to reinforce the patriarchy and to subjugate women.  I know that there are many people out there who posit God to be female.  Giving birth to life, to the universe, being Mother Earth.  This is certainly more seductive.  A nurturing God rather than one of hellfire and damnation is a much nicer image.  Through history, we have seen cults or groups of believers emerge around the concept of a female God, but most of them have either remained on the fringes and just faded out or were exterminated.  Certainly, that horrific period of mass hysteria which culminated in the Salem Witch Trials in colonial America had its roots in crushing women who may have held more liberating beliefs.

But we latch onto this concept of God needing gender because we seem to need gender ourselves.  In truth, a God must be both genders, and every gender in between.  God must be above gender.  In order for humanity to aspire to Godliness, and for all creatures to be created from God and in God’s image, then a true God must represent all of us.

I don’t know if you are a believer.  I am.  Very deeply.  I am troubled by organised religion and the hypocrisy of the people who say they are believers of one faith or another, or by religious leaders, who then go and betray the very ideals they supposedly stand for.  I’ve found my own way to God, and to spiritual sustenance.  And I speak to They every day.  Yes, even pronouns.  

In my darkest moments of dysphoria, when things are so bleak that there is no part of me that doesn’t hurt, it is a non-binary God who sustains me.  Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Friend…all these archetypes bound into one.  And I feel God’s presence strongest when I listen to my non-binary self and feel its love.  It is the best in me, because it is the part of me that is closest to God.  It is my “where love comes from”.  And to love is the closest we come to Godliness on this earth, and to love God is to forget the self.

Why do I love submission so much, crave it, need it, know that I can’t live too long without it?  This is why.  It also helps explain why I think of my Domme as a High Priestess.  She’s a spirit medium, a Druid, a holy figure who opens the doors in my heart to love, to self-love, and to love of those around me.

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