Men should wear bras!

I don’t mean it literally, but absolutely, no man should be able to take his shirt off in public or publish online pictures of himself without a shirt as long as women don’t have the same rights.  It is indecent.

We have a choice.  Either it is completely okay for women to be topless—in public, on Instagram, wherever (today it is not legal and results in censorship or worse)—or men need to lose the right to go topless.  Although my preference would be that women should have the right, I think society would sooner accept men losing the right—and perhaps learn more from it.

After all, who wants to see stinky, hairy, sweaty men walking around without their shirts on?  I think a halter top or a tank top, or a crop top t-shirt will do fine.  Plenty of men out running or on the beach think they look great, and they want people to look, but let’s cut the double standards.

Why are a woman’s nipples considered an erogenous zone and a man’s not?  Whoever came up with that has never played with mine!  That seems to be the crux of the argument—a woman’s breasts are considered sexy and a man’s not…I don’t accept it for myself—even my flat chest is sexy—my S.O. says so!  My responsive nipples say so.

I have started running with a woman’s racer back top or a halter top because I am tired of the double standards.  It doesn’t look bad.  I may be the only guy wearing such an outfit, but who cares?  

We all know that the slightly, seductively clothed body is more attractive than the completely naked one.  Until we eliminate the double standards, we will never level the playing field.

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