Why the Domme who accepts my submission is a Goddess

I am submissive.  Not in daily life.  In my nature.  You would never know it if you met me.  Outwardly I live a normal life and possess the trappings of the Western Social Construct. 

I do not believe that women are superior to men, or for that matter, that anyone is naturally superior to anyone else.  Superficially one can have more money, have career success, have been to better schools, have whatever…but that is not the same.

But when I am with a woman who is in the world of D/s, I know that I am in the presence of a Goddess.  Why?  Because she knows her power.  She knows her strength.  She has seen in herself that power.  Recognising and encouraging that power in any Domme is part of my life’s meaning.

Being in the presence of a self-aware Dominant woman affects me deeply.  Physically and mentally.   Even when she is not my Domme.  I am not talking about becoming aroused, or some kinky thing.  It is feeling alert.  Feeling known and understood.  Feeling seen.  Being recognised.  The only time I ever feel like I am truly visible in this world is when a Domme looks at me.

It is not that I am naked before her, either physically or metaphorically, it is that she sees me, truly sees me for who I am.  And in my case, a Domme is there to help me grow and become a better person.  She is a coach, a guide, a leader.  Nobody in my vanilla life sees into my submissive soul and cultivates it, nurtures it, and grows it.  

The world outside is all about competition.  But that submissive flame is different.  It is the core of my being.  The essence of who I am.  It is the seat of my generosity, my creativity, and my love for those around me.  It is what makes me a good father, a good partner, a responsible citizen, a good neighbour, it is the part of me that believes in God, and is the seat of my spirituality.  

A Domme is like a Priestess, a spirit guide.  In her time with me she reaches inside and helps me bring out the flame, she feeds it, teaches me about it, and helps me to manage and control it.  The rules of engagement, the boundaries she places, the tasks and challenges she gives me, the games we play are simply triggers to bring it out. To work it like a muscle. And yes it is.  It is a spiritual muscle. And the more I work on it, the better a person I become–better at listening, more humble, more giving, wiser, and happier.

That is an incredible and most extraordinary gift.  There are only a tiny number of women in the world who have this gift.  There are an even smaller number who have the confidence and skill to use it.  But for those who do, I have only reverence and feelings of respect.  I know how rare it is.  I know how lucky I am when I am in her presence, or in the presence of any such woman.

When I am touched by a Goddess, is it any wonder that I weep? You would be amused at how quickly she brings me to tears. Oh gosh, there is nothing sweeter.

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