Am I Amazon’s Bitch?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) raises all kinds of ethical dilemmas.  In my vanilla life they bother me a great deal.  But in the world of kink, AI is a genuine turn-on.

I don’t know what data bridges exist and where the social media and other companies get all of their data from, but it has to be all pervasive.  So much so that I am beginning to think that the AI bot is in my head.

How would Instragram know to feed me an advert for a “dog food” fit for human consumption when the only thing I had done is buy a stainless steel dog bowl from the supermarket with a credit card and have a text-based conversation with a Domme who was interested in getting me to eat my meals on my hands and knees, from just such a little bowl?

Swears.  No posts, no likes, I don’t even own a pet.  I don’t follow many people with pets.  How is it possible?  

But super sexy.  I liked the food company in my feed and commented on them that their food looked so yummy that I thought I would buy some for myself and try it out and they liked it back and promised me I would enjoy!  Now, that’s a challenge. Mistress, are you there?

Woof woof!

Amazon has my number too.

I love the AI algorithm at play on Amazon.  It is so helpful to know that if I like a certain book, that others who read it like these other ones.  We have all found many wonderful purchases= this way.

Imagine my amusement, however, when Amazon has redefined what I should be buying in the categories of “team sports” and “women’s apparel”.  The two pictures here shows what “IT” thinks I should be buying in the respective categories…LOL, right?!

I don’t know about you, but I am finding the thought of being dominated by some random computer algorithm rather existentially hot.  What if I just bought whatever it tells me to?  Would its suggestions get kinkier and kinkier, leading me down its own algorithmic rabbit hole?

What if where the AI leads me ends up shaping my sexuality?  What kind of kink would it indelibly mark me with?

Do any of you have the same experience? Do you submit?

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