The Sex Appeal of a Woman in Uniform

I am not a uniform fetishist, but I certainly understand that someone could become one.  A woman in uniform, regardless of which one, has tremendous sex appeal. No matter whether a police officer, doctor, nurse, soldier, or any professional. It is what the uniform symbolises that stands out.

The uniform itself speaks to discipline, talent, and hard work.  And let’s face it, we all know that a woman has to work harder than a man, has to overcome more bias, to make it to the same level.  Beyond the respect for the work and the training, there is also respect for the obstacles overcome.

The uniform is a symbol of success, discipline, hard work, but also mastery, of self and subject. I find nothing more intoxicating in a woman than success.

Can a woman’s professional success be a part of her sex appeal? Is this why so many men fetishise women in uniform?

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